ABOUT US Welcome To Avishaa Exports

Avishaa Exports was established in 2015 with the vision of becoming one of the leading food export companies globally. We offer a varied range of products that are used on a daily basis in every household, regardless ofthe nationality. We specialize in Basmati Rice. We export premium quality basmati rice with various grades and specifications without compromisingthe quality.

We are based in India and we have been successfully exporting our products to Africa, Australia, UK and some middle eastern countries. We are now embarking on a journey to establish our name in North American countries.


Our Speciality

Our product shelf consists of various products, but we hold a strong grip on manufacturing and exporting rice. Rice comes in many varities, but the Basmati variety of rice is called the “King of Rice” with an undisputed supremacy across the world. Basmati grows only in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the region of Punjab, India. The rice has a unique aroma, extra length, slender grain, high nutritional value, low fat content, and fluffy texture and lengthens two to three times upon being cooked. Basmati is aged for six to twelve months, enhancing its famous aroma and taste, minimizing rice stickiness and is then enjoyed by food connoisseurs around the globe.

At Avishaa exports, only the finest quality Basmati grains are selected for Basmati rice, which is 100% pure, aged premium Basmati rice. The extra-long grain length, naturally sweet taste, unique aroma and fluffy texture make royal Basmati a favorite amongst rice connoisseurs across the globe.

Types of Rice depends upon colour, length and grade.

Some of the rice that we export are:

1121 STEAM
1121 SELLA



Products We Export


Wheat Flour


Refined Sun Flower Oil - 1 Litre

Refined Sun Flower Oil - 5 Litre

Refined Sun Flower Oil - 15 Litre


Red Lentils

(Masoor Dal)

Split Chick Pea

(Chana Dal)

Black Gram

(Black Urad Dal)

Yellow Pigeon Peas

(Toor Dal)

Green Gram

(Moong Dal)



Black Chickpea

(Kala Chana)

White Lentils

(White Urad Dal)

Red Kidney Beans



1121 Steam Basmati Rice

Sugandha Sella Basmati Rice

Sugandha Steam Basmati Rice

Alisha Premium

Alisha Rozana

Royal Indian Special

Iyaa Premium

Royal Indian Premium


Black Cardamom

(Big Elaichi)

Carom Seeds




Coriander Seeds


Cumin Seeds


Black Sesame

(Kala Til)

White Sesame

(Safed Til)

Fennel Seeds


Cinnamon Sticks

(Dal Chini)

Green Cardamon

(Green Elaichi)

Mustard Seeds


Brown Mustard Seeds



1.) How do we import/export a product?

Since prices in either situation may be highly volatile, we ask that you request specific quotes on exact requirements. You can send us an email. For faster service, please send an email directly to your point of contact.

2.) What pack sizes do you carry?

We carry a variety of pack sizes depending on the product. In general, we ship 25 kg packaging. We can also do bigger size packaging. Please contact us with the specific product of your int erest.

3.) What quality of product do you export?

We export only premium quality products. However, we can provide other range of qualities for the products, based on the requirements.